Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation

The Main Elements of Search Engine Optimisation

Optimisation of your website starts with the HTML, or programming code. This needs to be well structured and adhere to W3C web standards. Well structured code leads to well structured content, and this is a key pillar of search engine optimisation. Well written and well structured content is a key component of search engine optimisation, and is an area that W1 Search Engine Optimisation is well versed in.

The latest standard is XHTML (eXtensible HTML), which is marked up in a semantically meaningful way and that separates the written content of your page from the layout and appearance. This is a highly optimised form in which to construct web pages, as it is easily crawled and indexed by the search engines. W1 Search Engine Optimisation always advises the use of web standard compliant pages, and can re-build existing websites to W3C web standards as required. The benefit for search engines will make it well worthwhile.


Keywords And Phrases

Along with well written content, and properly marked up web pages, search keywords and phrases for optimisation must appear throughout your website in specific places, and to specific densities so that the search engines will rank your website highly for the required key phrase. Getting the balance correct is a matter of experience, and simply stuffing keywords into a page is not good search engine optimisation practice.


Search engine optimisation is much more than just a well marked up webpage however; you also need good page rank. Page rank is a measure used by Google that gives your website a mark out of ten for how popular and strong it is, with ten being the best. Understanding this complex and constantly changing algorithm is the second key factor to success in search engine optimisation. The page rank scale is logarithmic, which means that it is progressively more difficult to increase your page rank to the next level. A page rank of four is considered to be very good, five and above is excellent. Search engines look at hundreds of factors when attributing a page rank score to your website, so optimisation for the search engines needs to be comprehensive.

White Hat Techniques

Many companies offering search engine optimisation services will claim that they have a “magic bullet” when it comes to optimising your website. Don’t be fooled into thinking that these proprietary techniques or solutions they offer will do your search engine position any favours, as the first thing you learn in search engine optimisation is that you cannot cheat Google! In fact, if you try and cheat your way to the top Google will be more likely to penalise your website for using underhand techniques. At W1 Search Engine Optimisation we have come across many such dubious offerings, which have given the industry a bad name. W1 Search Engine Optimisation will be open and transparent when it comes to the techniques we use, which are focused around well written HTML and page content.

Link Building

Having good quality links to your website from other sites is a key factor for building page rank, and W1 Search Engine Optimisation undertake this work automatically as part of every search optimisation project. Page rank is the way Google scores your page, and how popular it is with other websites is a key factor in this.

Quality, not quantity is the key when is comes to link building and search engine optimisation. A few inbound links to your website from the right places are worth more than hundreds of links from insignificant or inappropriate websites or pages. Gaining links from pages with hundreds of other links on, will probably provide zero benefit, and links from bad domains can actually be damaging.

Link Building

High Quality, Relevant Links

W1 Search Engine Optimisation understands what is required from a successful links campaign, and undertakes this part of the search engine optimisation strategy for clients as a matter of course. We have our own extensive network of websites, some of which may be highly relevant to your business and we will link to you from those. We also employ a surgical approach to pick and approach other website owners to gain high quality inbound links to your website, which will make a real difference to your rankings.

There is a natural attrition of links over time, so continued work is required to maintain a good level of links and monitor the results. W1 Search Engine Optimisation works on a low cost monthly fee, and the continual effort we put in develops and expands a links campaign over time. This measured approach will benefit your rankings much more than getting a few links and then doing nothing for a year. A links campaign is one key part of an overall search engine optimisation strategy.

W1 Search Engine Optimisation

W1 will propel your website up the natural search engine results for key phrases most relevant to your business, bringing new targetted visitors to your website. W1 can secure invaluable first page Google results for your business.

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